A Note to Our Clients, Partners & Friends about the Coronavirus

As we closely monitor the news, government mandates, and reports coming from the CDC, be assured that we are taking the necessary steps to prepare and respond appropriately.

Unapologetically, our #1 priority is the health and safety of our clients and our employee-owners. As such, we are managing our business in a manner to carefully minimize the risks to our stakeholders.

With that in mind, our entire team is proactively ensuring that the delivery of product and services remain on time. As such, we are pleased to report that because of prior planning, our supply chain remains secure. Our sales and support teams are executing at full capacity, and we have contingency plans in place to adapt to any rapidly changing conditions in the markets we serve. Our production schedules and delivery times are continuing as normal - and if anything should change, we will post these updates HERE immediately and communicate directly to our customers as quickly as possible.

At the center of the GO2's culture is our commitment to our customers. That does not waiver in good times, or bad. Count on us to be here for you. Thank you and be safe.

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GO2 Lab Media is your single-source solution for lab documentation requirements. We focus on six standard product areas, but specialize in custom solutions. Our philosophy is to understand a client's business, and then recommend the products that best serve the objectives at hand. Throughout a product lifecycle, GO2 Lab Media is involved to ensure all goals are met in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Like any mission-critical document, your Drug Testing Custody and Control Forms play an integral role in the drug testing process. GO2 Lab Media has provided CCFs for more than 20 years — developing industry-proven specifications to ensure flawless performance.

The material specifications are just the first step to ensure you receive a quality product. Our unique Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS6) reduce the risk of errors during the manufacturing process. 100% camera verification eliminates the opportunity for duplicated numbering and confirms that your CCF contains conforming barcodes – both significant problems drug testing laboratories could be faced with during the collection and accessioning process.

GO2 Lab Media can also house your drug testing document PDF assets in a single location. Using our online proofing tool, your staff and form authors will be able to communicate, track and approve all changes throughout the life of your lab documents.
GO2 Lab Media produces Federal Drug Testing Forms with an unmatched level of quality. Our goal is to help our clients fulfill the documentation obligations for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs, as established by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Since your drug testing forms are essential to administering these tests, GO2 Lab Media offers a flexible pricing structure for our laboratory clients. This allows you to stay within budget, while easily implementing changes to these complex drug testing forms.
Today’s business climate demands that laboratories leverage business partnerships & outsourcing peripheral operations to focus on core competencies. Let GO2 Lab Media provide your workplace drug testing CCFs with the same quality control demanded by Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs. Our QAS6 ensures that your employee drug testing documentation stands up in court.

We understand the critical nature of the drug testing process and can add value to your laboratory services.
  • Overcome the challenges of large projects with our expert-level knowledge of NON-DOT CCFs.
  • Increase brand identity by creating customer-specific forms.
  • Eliminate unnecessary freight and distribution costs with our centrally located facility.
  • Reduce costs associated with the maintenance of overprinting and distribution with our solutions.
  • Save time by effectively managing each document via our GO2 Documents Asset Management Tool.
Managing Clinical Trials documentation can be complex. That’s why GO2 Lab Media offers affordable on-demand print solutions. We work with you to fulfill the needs of the Pharmaceutical companies, CROs and your laboratories. We provide various solutions for time-point-specific protocol requisition forms and patient monitoring documents — all designed with complex barcoded, study-specific information.

We understand that investigational drug development merits the highest level of accuracy, efficiency and understanding. Our QAS6 was developed with feedback from laboratory professionals and based on Six Sigma practices. It creates a controlled environment, reducing your risk and empowering you with knowledge.
The Pathology market is accustomed to detecting abnormalities within specimens using the most recent developments in technology. GO2 Lab Media offers pathology requisitions and Xylene-resistant slide labels.

We offer a variety of solutions — including affordable lower volume personalized requisitions to meet client-specific needs. These solutions include barcoded and non-barcoded requisitions, as well as a wide range of durable Immunohistochemistry (IHC) resistant slide labels.

GO2 Lab Media understands the complex and critical nature of pathology labels. So, we focus on all aspects of the label, working closely with your team to ensure image system compatibility and lifecycle longevity.
The need for Pain Medication Compliance Testing is a growing market for many laboratories, but it also requires additional regulations. Laboratory violations of HIPAA compliance policy in Pain Management testing can carry fines as high as $10,000-$50,000 per incident. Improperly numbered pain management forms or mismatched barcodes can lead to costly fines. In addition, laboratories must learn to navigate the strict rules of governance by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

GO2 Lab Media has solutions to help you mitigate risk. We collaborate with your Pain Management team to design and manufacture high-quality documents that are compliant with the strict regulations that govern your industry. Our unique manufacturing requirements employ camera verification technology to match and grade all printed barcodes. These ISO/ANSI manufacturing standards, combined with our Six Sigma business practices, reduce errors. Call us to better understand how our QAS6 protects the integrity of your brand.
Your wellness testing events are dictated by your clients. Our print-on-demand solutions provide the flexibility necessary to meet your clients’ expectations. GO2 Lab Media offers event- or patient-specific consent forms, within two-day turnaround times. Using HIPAA-compliant technology and strategically located production facilities, we can reduce traditional transit times and production schedules, allowing you to ensure the success of your event.

Our solutions eliminate the need to warehouse and manage numerous consent versions, while also addressing the chronic problem of obsolescent and outdated forms. With scalable on-demand solutions, you can easily integrate with your Laboratory Management System or other services, resulting in a customized patient profile.
A specimen tracking card is a paper-light solution that offers barcoded labels on an instruction card. The unique design fits complex testing markets where a requisition is not necessary but a roll of labels is not enough. It allows the lab to provide simple step-by-step instructions on how you would like the sample collected, packaged and shipped.

The barcode card has paired nicely with EHR solutions for forensic, clinical and clinical trials testing.
GO2 Lab Media's expert team can help you with medical-grade, poly-flexible packaging solutions. Ease of use, sustainability and high-impact graphics are only a few of our benefits. Flexible packaging can also save on space, weight and shipping costs because of its unique design. Plus, GO2 Lab Media offers solvent-free lamination in a variety of materials, including barrier film PET, OPP, PET, Metalized Film and Nylon.

Clean Room Manufacturing Environment
GO2 Lab Media can assist with projects requiring an FDA-certified clean room environment. We understand the importance of adhering to cGMP compliance for the manufacturing, packaging and storage of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. In fact, we provide complete packaging and fulfillment solutions.

Paperboard Products
GO2 Lab Media produces printed folding cartons and other paperboard products for healthcare packaging. Using an array of shapes and sizes, our designers can create innovative folding cartons to serve your unique needs. We specialize in special effects, high-quality printing and unique packaging options, including:
  • Straight-line folding cartons
  • Auto-bottom folding cartons
  • 4-corner glued trays
  • Sleeves and overwrap sleeves
  • Slip cases, book style, DVD wallets
  • Plastic folding cartons, transparent packaging
  • Retail-ready packaging and displays
Our in-house team can also help with structural and application design, including CAD/CAM and pre-press design. GO2 Lab Media also provides field application technicians.
Enhance your competitive advantage with our fast and accurate Express Laboratory Solutions. In the competitive healthcare market, it is necessary to meet or beat your clients’ expectations in both quality and turnaround time. We offer a number of low-risk, non-traditional solutions for your mission-critical barcoded requisitions and labels — shipping within 24 to 48 hours. These flexible solutions reduce the transition time for onboarding clients or satisfying the need for client-specific requisitions or specimen tracking labels.

For many of our clients, timing is crucial when onboarding a new client or project. Your client demands a fast and easy transition time. GO2 Lab Media can produce a variety of ExpressReq™ solutions in a fraction of the time it takes to produce traditional pin feed requisitions. Our ExpressReq™ solution includes a variety of integrated label sets as well as complex personalization. Call today to discover the benefits of ExpressReq™.

Express Lab Labels
For companies with an immediate need for pre-printed labels, GO2 Lab Media has next-day turnaround. We stock numerous sizes of blank labels, allowing us to react quickly to get you what you need. We guarantee next-day delivery on any blank preprinted permanent label approved prior to 4:00 pm CST.

We guarantee these label sizes to be in stock:

To inquire about additional sizes available,
call 877-822-4333.
Security and Tamper Evident/Indicating Labels
GO2 Lab Media can assist you in protecting your brand with tamper-indicating features that best fit your desired level of security. Some of these features include hidden messages and logos, taggents, multi-layered materials, color changes and destructible films. Each of these technologies can be used solely or in combination with other security features.

Extended Content Labels
Extended Content Labels give you space to include more information or regulatory information without taking up valuable real estate on your packaging. Fold-out technology allows you to print everything from instructions to coupons on one booklet label. Extended content labels provide differentiation for your product.
Barcode Labels
GO2 Lab Media offers a variety of preprinted, pressure-sensitive barcode labels for precise specimen tracking. Barcode labels used in a laboratory setting face a unique set of challenges. Environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures, chemical interactions and small-diameter laboratory ware, play an important role in defining specifications. We work with you to understand the lifecycle of a product and provide the specification for a label to perform successfully. Our experience allows us to offer a variety of proven solutions, including Immunohistochemistry (IHC) resistant labels, cryogenic labels and liquid nitrogen labels.

Once the specification of a label is defined, our team focuses on content. We offer 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional and RFID-barcoded labels in a variety of different symbologies, including Code 128, Code 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5, Data Matrix and others. All barcodes are produced to an unmatched level of quality control, verifying that 100% of the barcoded labels meet ISO/ANSI standards.

Imager/Slide Labels
Imager labels are used as an identifier to ensure an accurate match between patient and specimen. However, the chemicals encountered during processing require a unique set of specifications. GO2 Lab Media offers a variety of Immunohistochemistry (IHC) resistant labels.

Imager labels are produced with the same quality control standards incorporated into all of our products. We work with you to ensure that your slide labels are compatible with imager systems, so that you receive consistent and accurate scans throughout the process.

GO2 Lab Media recognizes that each imager label represents more than just a specimen. As a Six Sigma company, we have implemented product specifications that help protect your brand, your client and the patient.