A Note to Our Clients, Partners & Friends about the Coronavirus

As we closely monitor the news, government mandates, and reports coming from the CDC, be assured that we are taking the necessary steps to prepare and respond appropriately.

Unapologetically, our #1 priority is the health and safety of our clients and our employee-owners. As such, we are managing our business in a manner to carefully minimize the risks to our stakeholders.

With that in mind, our entire team is proactively ensuring that the delivery of product and services remain on time. As such, we are pleased to report that because of prior planning, our supply chain remains secure. Our sales and support teams are executing at full capacity, and we have contingency plans in place to adapt to any rapidly changing conditions in the markets we serve. Our production schedules and delivery times are continuing as normal - and if anything should change, we will post these updates HERE immediately and communicate directly to our customers as quickly as possible.

At the center of the GO2's culture is our commitment to our customers. That does not waiver in good times, or bad. Count on us to be here for you. Thank you and be safe.

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GO2 Lab Media utilizes our staff of knowledgeable specialists and a full range of technologies to tailor solutions to your specific needs. We offer a comprehensive suite of services throughout the information management and delivery lifecycle. Unlike other suppliers, GO2 Lab Media’s services begin prior to content creation. Once we fully understand your information strategy and budgetary constraints, we offer recommendations that streamline your workflow to improve effectiveness.

Our intent is to function as if we were a member of your staff. In fact, many of our clients choose to focus on core competencies and outsource all print-related tasks to GO2 Lab Media. Whatever your model, we can help you reduce costs, improve quality and achieve quicker turn times.
GO2 Lab Media offers many barcode training and consulting services. For more than 15 years, we have offered customized training sessions on topics like Standards for Barcodes, Compliance Labeling and ISBT 128 Compliance. Our experts are also available to troubleshoot ongoing problems with existing barcode systems and can offer purchasing assistance to help ensure businesses invest in barcode technology that will yield the best ROI. You can even send your barcodes to GO2 Lab Media for verification and grading.

Barcode Label Development and Printing
GO2 Lab Media can develop barcoded cryogenic labels and other customized labels in various barcode formats and label sizes. After reviewing a project plan or protocol, we offer suggestions to improve control over study tubes and forms. Patient-specific barcode systems can be created by using randomized numbers or by using pre-assigned numbers generated from our clients' information management system. GO2 Lab Media is also capable of producing aliquot-specific labels to be used for pharmacokinetic studies and other projects that require the generation of timed multiple splits. Based on specific customer requirements, GO2 Lab Media can either pre-apply the cryogenic labels to the tubes at time of kit assembly, or include them in the kit for the site coordinator to apply at time of specimen collection.
Our Print and Distribution Management Services allow you to focus on your core laboratory operations. We supply the technical knowledge you need to coordinate all of the critical laboratory printing. Our team works closely with your staff to bring all of your printing purchases under a single management and distribution system. We offer a strategic approach that allows us to customize a solution that fits your laboratory's needs.

Distribution Management
Utilize our network of warehouses across the country to lower your freight expenditure. With our distribution network, your branches receive exactly what they ordered, when they need it. Using our Management Services allows you to focus on your core laboratory operations. We supply the technical knowledge you need to coordinate all of your critical laboratory printing.

  • Holding Cost: The cost of not tying up money in inventory is more important in today's economy than ever before. GO2 Lab Media will manufacture your product and then ship it to you on a bill-as-delivered basis. There are no hidden fees or storage charges after an agreement has been made.
  • Inventory Control: GO2 Lab Media understands the challenges involved in maintaining sequentially numbered documents and labels. Inventory releases must be packaged properly and have the missing numbers noted on each carton.
Print Management
GO2 Lab Media can print and distribute your requisitions. We are experts in securely handling data from your LIMS system. Using our secure infrastructure, we can overprint client-specific and demographic information onto your requisitions. This eliminates:

  • Holding, managing and overprinting multiple requisitions within your inventory
  • Staffing a dedicated employee to manage non-core laboratory operations
  • Expensive printers, printer consumables and printer maintenance contracts
  • Wasted expenses associated with printing and shipping your requisitions to site locations

We have the resources and expertise necessary to successfully execute your fulfillment program. GO2 Lab Media only uses cGMP-compliant and FDA-registered facilities. This ensures we follow strict guidelines and produce only the highest-quality product. We also serve as your one point of contact for:
  • Warehousing
  • Pick and pack
  • Direct mail
  • Promotions
  • G-7 print certifications
The Lab Audit Process is often our first step with a new client. It helps us to identify your unique Critical Customer Requirements (CCR). Once we understand your business, we will work with you to identify areas for improvement and provide greater control over your documentation and labeling process. As a Six Sigma company, we are trained to identify risk before a problem occurs. The ultimate goal of GO2 Lab Media is to deliver a product that meets your exact specifications.

The laboratory audit process continues as our business relationship grows. We determine key areas to track, and then agree on a method of measuring the results. By collecting data over the lifecycle of your mission-critical documents, we create a tool that recognizes opportunities for sustainable improvements. Our commitment to maintain a quality control culture often results in a defined document and labeling strategy, more efficient workflow and significant cost savings.
Accurate specimen identification and tracking is at the core of your laboratory operations. GO2 Lab Media works with you to eliminate the risk of numbering errors, while also providing the tools you need to respond quickly with accurate information. We incorporate technology and Six Sigma practices when administering sequential numbers to ensure there are never transposed or duplicated numbers.

Our checks and balances process moves from order pre-flight, into systems that carry over to the manufacturing process. We track and verify the sequential numbers to confirm your order is accurate when it is delivered. Detailed packing lists and reports document the contents of each carton, making it easy for you to isolate client-specific concerns. GO2 Lab Media also manages the sequential numbers from order to order, as well as form to form, alerting you to any potential problems. We recognize the importance of sequential numbers and possess the tools to maintain accurate numbering.
Improve communication and easily manage all mission-critical documents in one location to save time and resources. Review, track and communicate changes using our online solution.

Our Asset Management Tool was developed specifically to help labs streamline communications and to help document authors easily manage, track and communicate complex changes internally. The result? Greater efficiency and time savings for all those involved in the process.

Track the history of a document, sharing the experience of past and present team members. Our version tracking functionality assists in ensuring that all of your legal and consent information on your lab documents is within compliance. It offers accountability and reduces ambiguity over past versions and approvals. Immediate access to document history and production data provides you with the information you need to respond to your client's requests quickly and accurately.